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Sigelei Snow Wolf Vfeng 230w Review

Snow Wolf Vfeng is made of zinc, stainless steel and plastic alloys, has a 1.3 inch TFT color screen, a customizable Snow Wolf inscription from nine color options to choose from, raises from 0.05 ohms in any modes, works on two 18650 mAh batteries.




Comes in a metal box, it has a box-mod and USB-cable, a passport of the device. 
The device on the review is very similar to Sigelei MT . At least similar traits are seen.


Height: 87 mm 
Width: 46 mm 
Thickness: 34 mm 
Weight: 177 g


The case of the new model is metallic, the main part is made of zinc alloy, in the side faces of stainless steel. Buttons in the device – fire, mine and plus are also made of metal. Connector diameter of 22 mm is able to seat atomizers up to 27 mm, as it is in the central part of the mode.

Pin is a good spring. 
The front panel contains a fire button, made in the form of a hexagon, over which there is a backlight. 
Below is a color screen. Unfortunately, the screen is not protected by glass and when it is pressed on it with a finger it bends. 
After the screen of the minus and plus buttons and the port for charging the device and the ability to update the firmware.

At the very bottom of the battery cover. The inner part of the cover has a contact group. Under the cover of the balancer of the charge and practically, with small errors, the boxing mode equally charges the batteries. On the cover you can say that its quality is average. It dangles on hinges, and the contact group on the lid usually leads to the failure of the snap mechanism. Well, all this over time, in the process of at least annual use of the device. 
The device is designed for power up to 230 W and operates on two 18650 mAh batteries.


Power: 10 W-230 W 
Temperature conditions: 100 ℃ -300 ℃ / 200 ℉ -570 ℉ 
Maximum output current 40 A 
Mode mode: POWER / SS (304/316/317) / Ti / Ni200 / TCR 
Supported resistance: from 0.05 Ohm in all modes 
Battery charging current: 2.5 A

The display shows information about the selected steaming mode, power in watts, time, winding resistance, voltage, battery charge (top left on screen, curved element).

To fully understand the charge of the batteries, press the fire and the “+” button. 
Simultaneous pressing on fire and “-” will allow to block “-” and “+”. 
To select the desired mode of the mode, you need to press fire three times. 
There are four modes in the menu: Mod, LED, SET, EXIT. In the LED mode, there are nine options for selecting the backlight color and above the fire button. 
There are three options for choosing the glow of this highlight: 
– the backlight will work during hovering, 
-or constantly, – the 
backlight can be turned off altogether.

It raises the device from 0.05 Ohm in all modes and it’s an excellent indicator. The maximum threshold for resistance is up to 3 ohms. 
The mod is charged with a current of 2.5 A and for 1.5 – 2 hours you can fully charge the batteries. Charges up to 4.15 V, and they are discharged to 3.2 and 3.3 V.

Overall Impression

The board liked the work, pressing the fire instantly, the button despite its hexagonal shape is well pressed from any positions. Buttons do not dangle or ring. 
The screen is informative, everything is clearly displayed and there is no confusion when switching over modes. 
Ergonomics on the “four”, in the hand it lies well, does not slip out of the hands, but the side faces with long retention are sucked into the hand, which is not always pleasant. But it’s more of a nit-pick. In general, a good device.


Cons and pros

– the screen is not protected by glass, the display 
deflects when pressed against it, – the luff cover is hinged, 
-quality-assembled metal mode, 
-fast charging with 2.5 A current for 1.5-2 hours, 
-supported resistance from 0.05 ohm to 3 Om on all modes. 

Now It’s Available Here:Sigelei Vfeng 230W TC Box Mod

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