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Review SnowWolf VFeng 230W TC


It’s no secret that Sigelei has several sister companies, from which they produce a variety of devices, which in my opinion is quite a good marketing move. One of these enterprises is the company Snowwolfvape Technology Co., which produces fashion with the same name Snowwolf.

More than two years ago, the first “snow wolf” with a power of 200 watts on the Laisimo board came into the market, which also supported the thermal control mode (note, as far as I can remember, TC worked criminally there, however, as in most devices that time). Let me remind you that in 2015 the competition for the power of Snow Snake could only be made by IPV 3Li by 180 watts. Therefore, despite its shoals and some shortcomings in the first games, Snow Wolf has become a real breakthrough in the wapping world. Personally, I, without the slightest censure, he served for a year, plus, to all, this box-mod was almost the only one of its kind device that raises windings below 0.1 Ohms in the varivatta mode.

Later on the market appeared Snow Wolf for 75 watts and many other novelties from this manufacturer, but at that time I plunged headlong into the abyss of mechanical devices and ceased to be interested in the mods on the boards.

Summarizing the above, the first Snow Wolf for me became the benchmark of boxing mods of 2015. Vfeng did not save much from his progenitor, but he was able to surprise me, mostly positive.


  • Dimensions of the device: 46 x 34 x 87 mm
  • Material of execution: Zinc alloy and stainless steel
  • Display: 1.3 inch TFT color screen 
  • Supported modes: Varivatt / Ti1 / Ni200 / 304/316/317 / TCR
  • Varivatta mode: 10 – 230 W
  • Temperature control mode: 100-300 ℃ / 200-570 ℉
  • Voltage: 3.2 – 4.2 V
  • Supported battery format: 21700/20700/18650 
  • Supported resistance: 0.05 – 3.0 Ohm
  • Support charging via Micro-USB cable: DC 5V / 2.5A


The device comes in a nice box of aluminum, on which we are greeted by the drawing of box-fashion itself, its name and the manufacturer’s logo. Bottom of the box you can find all the necessary information about the configuration and specifications of the device. In addition to this, the package contains a “scratch card” sticker that confirms the authenticity of your Snowwolf Vfeng.

The kit is standard and includes:

  • box-fashion Snowwold Vfeng
  • instruction manual (including in Russian)
  • warranty card
  • Micro-USB cable for charging your device and updating the firmware

Impressions from use

Due to some similarities and variations of color solutions, Vfeng managed to call the “SX Mini G Class for the poor” in the common people. Indeed, both devices outwardly resemble each other: the same hexagonal button, the layout of the screen and several other common parts. My opinion is that comparing these two devices is inappropriate, well, speaking of borrowing some kind of design elements – for Chinese devices such a moment has long been the norm.

In general, after several weeks of using the Snow Wolf, I mostly caused positive emotions, and given that in everyday life I use only mechanical devices, Vfeng became the first copy in a couple of years, which really hooked me. In short, I will not fool around for a while and will immediately go to the pluses and minuses of the device.

So, let’s start with the pluses:

  • Form factor and design of the device. I have heard and read many opinions about the design of Vfeng, it is either loved or hated. In my case, this is the first option. The box-mod sits perfectly in the hand, the button is convenient to press with both thumb and forefinger, and outwardly it resembles a transformer (hello Bumble Bee)
  • I am sure that many will disagree with me, but I am bribed by the LEDs on the back panel in the form of the device name and on the front side above the button. I love to customize my setups, and the choice of 9 colors of lighting made me very happy. you can easily pick up the backlight “in color” of your atomizer or drip-type. Naturally, this function significantly reduces the life of your batteries, but if desired, the LEDs can be completely turned off, or you can set the settings so that the backlight works only during box-fashion use.
  • A variety of color solutions Snowwolf Vfeng can not but rejoice. In addition to classic colors such as yellow, blue and black, the device also became available in camouflage versions – Desert and Woodland, which you can see in the photo.
  • Complaints on the performance of the board I did not find, I tested the box-mod on the TK on 316 stainless – everything works correctly and without a hitch, I’ll also put plus for supporting the resistance from 0.05 Ohm in the varivatta mode. I note that it is not possible to comfortably hit the resistance below 0.1 ohms, because the box-mod will not give you more than 3 volts, even at maximum power. At the same time, this will be enough for burning fatty spirals under your mechanical mod. 
  • Just like the screen, a variety of variations of the background and (oddly enough) the presence of the clock. I often forget to wear wristbands and since the mod is most often in my hand, I put my finger up for this function.
  • Laik for landing sweat atomizers up to 30 mm in diameter. Literally a week ago I arrived last Aromamizer RDTA from Steam Crave, on Snow Wolf Vfeng this atom does not look ridiculous, as on most other devices.
  • Excellent painting quality. For two weeks of use, there was not a scratch in the fashion (note I used basically the version of Dessert camo).
  • If you hold down the combination of the “Fire” and “-” buttons on the screen of your Vfeng, the charge of both batteries will be displayed. A trifle, but nice.

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Now let’s go directly to the minuses, most likely to one minus, which I noticed, but several acquaintances who bought Snow Wolf Vfeng.

The device screen has no protective layer and in case you manage to drop your mod, or strongly press down the screen, there is a great possibility that it will die and will never rise again. Unfortunately, this incident happened to two of my comrades, the benefit of the manufacturer has successfully replaced the device.

I would recommend Sige …. Snowwolfvape technology Co. correct this jamb in the following installments.


Of course Snowwolf Vfeng has nothing to do with the classic “snow wolf”, which we remember, love and mourn, but at the same time I think that Sigelei tried to glory and released a very worthy device.

According to some reports, very soon the squonk box will appear on the market, which will be the continuation of the V Feng line, so stay tuned.

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